Department of Psychology

Our graduate program enjoys a world-wide reputation for excellence in research and graduate education. The Department's  faculty and cross-appointed faculty from USA and Greece are internationally recognized for their scholarship, with areas of expertise that cover all of the major areas of research in psychology. 

Prof.Lakshman Madurasinghe Graduate Chair Psychology Business School of the Americas

MASTER OF ARTS IN PSYCHOLOGY – Organizational,  with a greater empaasis on  Transpersonal Psychology

Admission Requirements to MA- Psy:

    * A bachelor degree or its equivalent

Graduation Requirements to MA-Psy

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This program of study   is designed for students who seek advanced knowledge of Organizational Psychology with a greater emphasis on Transpersonal Psychology. The programme content has been enriched  with the addition of units on Lifespan development , and Global Perceptiveness which is a method of widening human perception. Perception is a common human function while perceptiveness is a capability we can cultivate and evolve.



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